The Show is Open

29 new paintings are up on the walls and ready for Thursday’s opening reception at 6:30 at the Marblehead Arts Association.  This is the first time we are doing an evening reception and I am grateful to Director Betsy Hundahl for helping to make it possible. The show is called “On the Road” and it … More The Show is Open

Spring Cleaning in the Studio

Time to clean out and consolidate my drawers full of paint. Michael Harding Paints are the highest quality in my opinion and I’m steadily making the change over. Some other brands collected over the years are quite good and I will continue to use them until they are gone: Sennelier and Williamsburg are excellent, for example. Rembrandt and Gamblin are pretty good and worth … More Spring Cleaning in the Studio


The Copley Society on Newbury Street in Boston will be opening a show in July called “At Sea.” It will be curated by the great John Stobart. The curator’s job is to pick which paintings get into a show.  Last night was the deadline and I remembered just in time. I offered “North Shore Vista” a scene of natural light … More Deadlines

Naked Paintings

A finished and signed painting looks naked until it is in a frame. It needs to get dressed. I have a short stack of naked paintings and I am hoping my framer comes through for me on Saturday so I can get these properly attired. Some will be in black others in gold.

Blue on Blue

While wandering an abandoned beach in Franklin County, Florida last month I spotted this trawler stuck high and dry near Carabelle. It looked beaten up from hard work and hard weather and was a compelling subject for a painting. So I set myself up on the side of the road with an umbrella to keep the sun off … More Blue on Blue

A Newport Gamble

Last year I was asked by my art dealer to explore Newport, Rhode Island and see if I could make a painting for one of her clients.  I had no idea what might work or whether she might buy anything. My commission policy has been to take no money up front – I find it ties … More A Newport Gamble